• Viva – The Beauty App Worth Downloading

    I’ve been involved in a beauty app the past couple of years which has been quite a ride.  Read a bit more here.

  • VIVA – The New Balance

    Started off the year with an interview in VIVA talking about balance. While it’s always a bit awkward reading a transcript of an interview I did actually say all these things. Read it here.

  • Writing your own Story

    By Sandy Burgham Nearly all of the individuals that I coach are senior executives in their mid-life, and seeking help in exploring leadership issues and opportunities. By pulling back and observing their work experiences in the greater context of their life, breakthroughs in leadership thinking and being can occur. We all overuse a particular word, and mine is “journey”. I

  • Women Entrepreneurs Interview

    Here is an interview with Gill South (who incidentally is a fabulous woman as well as a great journo) that appeared in the Herald online Nov 2012 about women entrepreneurs.   Executive coach Sandy Burgham, Sandy Burgham & Associates talks to Gill South about women entrepreneurs. She spoke at last week’s Co.OfWomen summit in Auckland, a group designed for women who work

  • Your Personal Portfolio

    By Sandy Burgham Scientist, social entrepreneur and all round favourite New Zealander Sir Ray Avery has a unique, if not sobering, way of looking at life. “When you’re born, you’re born with 30,000 days,” he has said. “That’s it. The best strategic planning I can give to you is to think about that.” At 65 he estimates he has around

  • Here’s to “Good Health”… Feb 2013

    An article that appeared in Feb 2013 Good Health magazine. It’s interesting to me that I got more interest in leaving my job than actually being in it.  

  • Minding Her own Business.. Feb 2013

    Was also in Her Business magazine in 2013.  I was flattered to read that my voice was worth hearing….