As the Founder of  Play Contemporary Leadership CoLab I am involved in creating a different sort of leadership development experiences to disrupt the tendency to rely on past practices to inform future realities. With a particular interest and expertise in gender, Play CoLab challenges the usual practices around leadership, diversity and inclusion.

I also consult to innovative businesses about their brands and future workforce, and provide social commentary through writing and public speaking.

Work History

My background spans various leadership roles in customer-centric organizations across a range of industries (from retail to FMCG) within Australasia and the UK including: Director/Shareholder, Marketing Director and interim CEO of Max Fashions Ltd, Co-Founder/Director The Providence Report Ltd, Board Director Barkers Men’s Clothing, Managing Partner Publicis Mojo, Director of Leadership Development Global Women.

Here’s more

Certified Leadership Coach (certified practitioner)

To find out more on coaching, click here

The Leadership Circle Profile (certified practitioner)

The only 360 degree competency assessment that simultaneously provides focused competency feedback while revealing the underlying assumptions that are causing a leader’s pattern of strengths and limitations and sets this within a context of stages of adult development.

Myers Briggs (certified practitioner)

This complements a deep interest in the work of Carl Jung and how this pertains to “Conscious Leadership”. My MBTI type is an ‘Accepting, Planful’  ENTP. What’s yours?

Other Connections…

Here are a few other organizations that I play a role in.

Play Contemporary Leadership CoLab

Founder. Play Colab is a hub of thinkers and doers invested in contemporary leadership for organisations, people and brands. Our approaches are collaborative, creative and customer-centric

Bon Voyage Travel

Advisory board member. A travel brand for those who prefer customized solutions for business and pleasure.

The Hobson

Columnist.  Reflecting the publishing trend of “hyper-local”, this magazine serves a key communities of influence at the heart of Auckland

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